Newton Biocapital is a Venture Capital Fund incorporated in Belgium, focused on financing biotech and life science projects in the "core of Europe" (B, NL, D, F) and Japan for the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases.

Our approach as lead investor is to support promising start-up projects as well as neglected or undervalued late-stage projects, in order to mitigate the risks and to create investor value. The leadership team consists of specialists with long-standing management and investor experience who coach bio-entrepreneurs through the development stages of their projects


Creating proofs

of concept

Optimizing the business plan can bring valuable technologies from struggle to success. As lead investor, we prepare the creation of world leaders by identifying the most valuable IP. Part of our unique expertise is working with management to redesign clinical approaches in order to create the proof of concept as early as possible to demonstrate the breakthrough potential of the science.

Having a strong proof of concept then attracts potential buyers. This model is synergistic with university and public funds.

Connecting two big life

sciences markets:

Europe & Japan

There is a strong complementarity between European biotech and Japanese pharma and vast opportunities for collaboration.

Strategic activity between Japanese pharma and, in particular, European biotech has become increasingly robust in recent years driven by and interest in strengthening strategic growth areas.

Belgium — a country with only 11M inhabitants — saw a number of pharma acquisitions by Japanese pharma, including the acquisition of EuroGentec by Kaneka, Ogeda by Astellas

Pharmaceuticals, Innogenetics by Fujirebio, and most recently TiGenix by Takeda.

Newton Biocapital strives to act as a preferred partner and introduce European biotech companies to the Japanese market, promoting collaborations between both regions.