Our mission is to support the creation of innovative but affordable solutions that will greatly improve the quality of life of patients suffering from chronic diseases.


Chronic diseases

Chronic diseases are becoming increasingly prevalent due to the aging population. Long-term symptomatic treatments are a major burden on reimbursement systems. We support innovative solutions that target the treatment and prevention of such chronic diseases.

A diversified toolkit

We are open to invest in a wide range of opportunities in the life sciences sector, including therapeutics, diagnostics, medical devices, clinical nutrition, and digital biotech, as long as they share our vision of improving the quality of life of patients at an affordable cost.

Spanning the life cycle

A technology becomes valuable when its clinical applicability is demonstrated. From innovative start-ups to neglected late-stage companies, we help identify what makes a well-defined company and support the creation of game-changing proofs of concept.

International scope

With offices in Brussels and Tokyo, we connect two big life sciences markets: Core Europe and Japan. Indeed, Newton Biocapital intends to invest not only in Belgium, but in the entire core of Europe, including France, Germany, and The Netherlands.

Investment approach

We are leaders, not followers. We believe in an active investment approach, where we provide more than money. Our team of life science professionals will work with founders and management to optimize the company’s strategy, investing time and effort with unconditional support through good and bad times. We can attract talent to a company to help manage various corporate, scientific, clinical, regulatory, financial, and strategic challenges.


Are you looking to collaborate?

If your technology can help prevent or treat chronic diseases, and you want to work with us to improve the life of patients worldwide, get in touch through our contact page!

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