Belgian biotech companies DeuterOncology and Radiomics combine their expertise to improve cancer therapy

DeuterOncology obtains SPW grant funding

Liège, Belgium, April 07, 2023 – DeuterOncology, a Liège-Based (BE) biotech company, is pleased to announce it has successfully been awarded the Win4Company grant by the Wallonie recherche SPW. The clinical-stage drug development company has been granted 478,000 EUR for establishing a partnership with a Liège-based biotech, Radiomics, for the development and validation of an AI- based imaging biomarker as a potential companion diagnostic for a novel best-in-class deuterated MET kinase inhibitor (DO-2) as an optimized personalized cancer therapy.

The grant brings together the expertise of two Belgian biotech companies to develop AI-based CT imaging for identifying subsets of lung cancer patients that have MET gene alterations. The grant will also enable DeuterOncology to improve the determination of clinical response to DO-2 by the accurate determination of tumour volume change.

"We are excited to receive this grant from the SPW, which will enable us to collaborate with Radiomics and develop cutting-edge AI-based CT imaging technology”- said Dr. Timothy Perera, CEO of DeuterOncology. This breakthrough technology will provide oncologists with an easier way of identifying patients with MET oncogene driven tumours using standard imaging and reduce the need for painful biopsies and timeconsuming testing to identify potential responders.

"We are very pleased to establish this local collaboration with DeuterOncology and to be part of such a ground-breaking trial which could have global implications. Optimizing decision making is fundamental to improving patient treatment, allowing medical professionals to make informed decisions will drastically improve drug development trajectories" – Dr Carlos Meca, CCO of Radiomics. This collaboration will combine DeuterOncology's expertise in cancer research and genomics with Radiomics' expertise in advanced AI-based image analysis technology to develop a powerful tool for predicting patient response to treatment.

This grant is an important milestone for DeuterOncology and demonstrates the company's commitment to developing targeted therapy that will improve patient outcomes. The joint project will help expand the strong drug development eco-system that is being created in the Walloon region.

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