Our Mission: Value Creation for All

By leveraging innovation to develop solutions for chronic health conditions, we help create value for:

Patients, by funding efforts for affordable healthcare solutions matching unmet medical needs

Society, by easing pressure on insurance/reimbursement systems burdened by chronic health conditions

Local ecosystems, by attracting investors and promoting company growth which leads to improved sector employment

Investors, by supporting portfolio company value creation, and setting the scene for successful exits

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Unlocking Potential in Europe and Japan

We invest both in Europe and Japan, helping early-stage companies unlock their full potential by opening doors to global pharmaceutical and investment networks. Find out more in our Strategy!


Our Approach as Active Investors

Newton Biocapital’s investment approach is based on three core pillars:

Thorough selection

We identify innovative solutions to chronic health conditions where the burden to both patients and reimbursement systems is high

Drawing on our scientific expertise and ties to local ecosystems, we seek to select the most promising investment opportunities

Hands-on support

We are actively involved with our companies as board members, preferably as lead investor

We help companies build their strategy and choose which programs are most likely to reach proof of concept and demonstrate therapeutic efficacy

Optimal exits

We support company growth and help to create value for patients and investors

We guide companies towards the best possible exit strategies through our local and international connections