Newton Biocapital’s Successful Flagey Music & Cocktail Networking Evening

Newton Biocapital’s ‘Flagey Music & Cocktail Networking’Event (29/3/2022 in Brussels) was a time for clinking glasses – we had not just one, or two, but three reasons to celebrate:

1. our first fund NBC 1 reaching fully invested status

2. the successful first closing of 50m € for our second fund NBC 2

3. the ongoing close collaboration between #Europe and #Japan that lies at the heart of our success

Marking these milestones was a musical evening in the spirits of joining these two regions, with Japanese pianist Gen Tomuro and the Belgium-based Casco Phil String Quartet working in unison for an inspiring performance!

The business highlight of the evening came courtesy of our founder & CEO Alain Parthoens: last month’s promising positive results about safely treating ischemic stroke by our portfolio company Acticor Biotech in their Phase 1b/2a clinical study. A welcome development aiming to tackle one of the leading causes of death and disability worldwide – and exactly the #impact and #value for patients that Newton Biocapital as a VC in #LifeSciences strives to create!

Creating such value by uniting the deep expertise in life sciences across Europe and Japan to build synergies is what makes Newton Biocapital unique – as our Chairman, Dr Ajit Shetty reminded us at the beginning of the evening. This ‘One Fund – Two Regions’ approach will keep guiding us, unlocking new opportunities!

The delegation from the Embassy of Japanand the ‘Mission of Japan to the EUthat made yesterday’s evening so special. And above all, thank you again to Mr. Tomuro and the Casco Phil String Quartet – お疲れ様でした!

If you missed out or couldn’t attend our event, please click the link below to see the recorded speech videos of our Chairman, Dr. Ajit Shetty and our founder & Managing Partner Alain Parthoens followed by snippet of the Japanese pianist Gen Tomuro and the Belgium-based CASCO Phil String Quartet music.

Newton Biocapital YouTube Channel
Newton Biocapital LinkedIn (It requires to have your LinkedIn account to access – same videos as above NBC YouTube)