One Fund – Two Regions:
Unlocking Potential in Europe and Japan

Our fund is differentiated by strong ties to the life sciences ecosystems of Europe and Japan, originating with our founders Alain Parthoens and Goro Takeda. Both regions contain world-class academic centers where research regularly leads to the creation of spin-off companies – with offices in Belgium and Japan, we are well positioned to identify promising investment opportunities and to help these companies unlock their potential.

Through our networks in Europe and Japan, we seek to enable the creation of strong international investor syndicates for our portfolio companies. Our connections with clinicians and local industry facilitate clinical trials and market access for European companies wanting to reach Japan and vice versa.

We also open doors to the global pharmaceutical industry, helping companies create partnerships that lead to collaborations and successful exits.

By leveraging the synergy between these two complementary regions, we enable mutually beneficial gains for companies, investors, and patients.

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Our Strategy: Leveraging Innovation to Treat Chronic Health Conditions

We Fund Innovation in Major Disease Areas
Chronic health conditions are becoming increasingly prevalent, particularly in aging populations where long-term symptomatic treatments are a major burden on reimbursement systems. Currently, we support innovative solutions for the treatment and prevention of chronic health conditions in:

Leveraging Diversified Technologies for Patient Solutions
We invest in multiple types of technologies that use innovative approaches to address unmet patient needs, including:

We Build Companies
We help establish and fund early-stage companies ranging from research and preclinical through to clinical. We help our companies select the indications most likely to reach proof of concept and demonstrate therapeutic efficacy in patients.

Our ESG Policy

In pursuing these goals, Newton Biocapital is committed to ESG compliance: a selection of Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance principles which form an inherent part of investment decisions. The ESG policy is aligned with our mission of value creation for all.

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ESG Compliance

Our Commitment to Company Success

We are leaders, not followers. We believe in an active investment approach, where we provide more than money. Our skilled team work with founders and management to optimize company strategies and provide support through thick and thin. Through our ties with other investors and the pharmaceutical sectors in Europe and Japan, we support the development of programs and help companies reach their optimal exit scenarios.

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