Prism BioLab

PRISM BioLab focuses on developing technology for proprietary small molecule drug discovery for undruggable targets. PRISM BioLab established a Library designed to mimic α-helix or β-turn peptide using a unique stable scaffold with corresponding dihedral angles. These motifs are essential for protein-protein interactions within the cell, especially related to transcription and translation.


Perseus Proteomics

Perseus Proteomics is Therapeutic antibody development targeting transferrin receptor for various blood cancer diseases and antibody drug discovery platform base on phage display. The company licensed out 2 product candidates and possesses 1 internal product candidate (PPMX-T003) for hematologic cancer (Polycythemia Vera) at Ph1 in Japan since 2019. PPMX-T003, targets a transferrin receptor (TfR) that is expressed on the cell membrane and regulates cellular iron uptake. The cellular iron uptake is essential for cell survival and proliferation. As TfR is highly expressed in many cancer cells, it is widely known that the inhibition of iron uptake depletes its levels within cells, leading to cell death. Many attempts to achieve inhibition of iron uptake have been made in the healthcare industry for a long time, but without success. Through the phage display method, the fully human antibody, PPMX-T003, which kills cancer cells effectively with its extremely potent inhibitory activity against iron uptake.



DeuterOncology is focused on the pre-clinical validation and development of DO-2, a novel MET and RAS pathway inhibitor sublicensed (worldwide rights outside of greater China) from OCTIMET Oncology NV and originally licensed from Janssen Pharmaceutica in 2017. DeuterOncology’s portfolio contains a sublicense to the all OCTIMET compounds, includes a clinical-stage MET kinase inhibitor that has been evaluated in both a monotherapy and combination therapy setting in cancer patients in Europe. DeuterOncology works together with a broad established network of collaborators across the world to try to bring new solutions to cancer patients



Established in December of 2005, J-Pharma’s mission is to help mankind by creating and developing novel pharmaceuticals based upon a human-genomic approach; an approach where people with specific diseases are treated with novel and selective agents. J-Pharma’s intellectual property (IP) embraces the notion that cell membrane transporters are tightly associated to many diseases. In addition to drug molecules that target specific transporters, J-Pharma has discovered several important drug transporters within the human body that may be used to evaluate and optimize pharmacokinetics of new drug candidates. We believe that J-Pharma’s pipelines will lead to new agents and processes (i.e. diagnostic methods) and will increase the quality of life for an ageing population in industrialized countries. J-Pharma’s overall goal is to contribute globally to the maintenance of human health and improve human welfare through the creation of new drugs.




Epics therapeutics

EPICS THERAPEUTICS is developing first-in-class drugs in oncology based on RNA epigenetics. The company focuses on discovery and development of small molecule inhibitors of RNA-modifying enzymes to treat cancer.