Life Sciences Investments

Leveraging innovation in Europe and Japan

Value Creation for All

Our mission is to mature innovation and support the growth of our portfolio companies to create value for patients, society, local ecosystems, and investors.

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One Fund - Two Regions

Our strong ties to the life sciences ecosystems of both Europe and Japan differentiates our fund from others and unlocks unique opportunities.

Europe and Japan both have world-class life sciences ecosystems where synergy between the regions enables mutually beneficial gains. Through our connections with local and international investors and pharma, we open doors to optimal exits for our portfolio companies.


A Strategy for Impact

We support projects for promising solutions in chronic health conditions, with a focus on alleviating patient and societal burdens.

Drawing on our team’s scientific and medical know-how, as well as a network of experts, we seek to identify the most promising investment opportunities. We participate proactively as board members, supporting our portfolio companies with the selection process for their preclinical and clinical programs in a range of technologies and disease areas.


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