Sequana Medical

Sequana Medical is a commercial stage medical device company that has developed a fully implantable, connected medical device (Alfapump®) allowing to treat pathological fluid overload related to liver diseases, heart failure, malignant ascites and other fluid imbalance disorders. The first application of the device is the treatment of refractory buildup of fluid in the abdomen of end stage liver disease patients, making it possible to be treated mostly at home instead of having to come regularly to the hospital. As a second application (direct soldium removal, DSR), the company is investigating the use of its technology platform for the treatment of abnormal fluid overload in heart failure, using the DSR as a potentially life prolonging treatment option for chronic heart failure patients that have become resistant to diuretics (medications that remove fluid from the body) and for whom alternative treatment options have become very limited or have run out.



Dim3 is a digital healthcare company that has developed a CE marked clinical nutrition platform to monitor enteral and parenteral nutrition provided to patients in the hospital and at home, addressing systemic clinical malnutrition, optimising the quality of nutritional care and enabling personalized clinical nutrition decisions. The aim is to improve compliance with prescribed and dispensed clinical nutrition throughout the patient journey from hospital to home. The Dim3 solution is combining a software platform (Nutrow®) / Scorso®) aggregating, structuring and presenting data instantly to healthcare professionals, and an electronic device (Feedim®) connectable to enteral and parenteral nutrition pumps acquiring data.



Cellaïon aims to treat severe advanced liver inflammatory diseases defined as “Acute on Chronic Liver Failure” syndrome (ACLF). Its lead product HepaStem® acts as a cargo that delivers a potent secretome at the site of liver injury and inflammation, stopping the acute progression of such chronic liver diseases by controlling inflammation and restoring lost function, allowing the organ to regenerate. Hepastem® is administered by a simple peripheral intravenous infusion, and is tolerated.


AdipoPharma SAS

AdipoPharma leverages more than a decade of research on the Alström syndrome (ALMS), an ultra-rare monogenic disorder syndrome, which led to the identification of the intracellular target in the adipocyte, which can correct insulin resistance of type 2 diabetes, improve non-alcoholic liver disease and fibrosis. Based on this research, a first-in-class drug that reverses insulin resistance, the root cause of type 2 diabetes and related disorders, has been developed: "PATAS”. PATAS is a new, proprietary and patent-protected peptide that induces healthy lipid biosynthesis by the adipocyte, rapidly restoring glycemic control in patients with Type 2 diabetes by decreasing insulin resistance, and at the same time decreasing the risk for cardiovascular and renal co-morbidities. This novel therapeutic approach could be the first type 2 diabetes treatment to have a beneficial effect on insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, pancreatic beta-cell plaque removal, liver steatosis and fibrosis, associated with a decrease of unhealthy ceramides levels.